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Am I getting the price I deserve ?

When you want to sell your precious metals a high level of concern sweeps over you. Why ?
Am I the price I deserve? Can I find an honest and or repeatable business? Most people either have no clue where to go or get variable visions of a pawn shop possibly.

Before you walk into an uncertain situation just be aware of what you’re dealing with. In this era of social media utilize the tools available to you with some caution of course because everything on the internet is not the same in real life. Check out the reviews of the business you are interested in dealing with. Call and ask questions. For example at Alex Lexington we always say the more informed our customer is the easier our business life is. Nothing is absolute since the price of metals are always moving but you should be able to get a ballpark price for what you plan on selling or buying by going through a little Q & A. What is their pay rate ? Do you buy diamonds ? Can you explain the differences between 10k, 14k, and 18k ? These are all basic questions any establishment should be able to answer. Pay rate differ by market but most should be in at least the 70% of market of more range.

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