How to buy gold and silver coins and bullion

All coins or bullion can be ordered online or  in our showroom. You can pay by debit card, transfer of funds, bitcoin or cash in our showroom. Once funds are cleared, your order will be dispatched promptly. If you have chosen to collect your order then call us in advance to arrange a suitable time for collection from our retail store in Atlanta.

Where to buy gold

You can visit us in our new location at 3335 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd in Chamblee, Ga just north of the City of Atlanta where you can buy gold bullion in store over the counter, just walk in off the street, it’s that easy. You can also visit our online shop where you can buy gold online. Here at Alex Lexington, you can buy gold bars or gold coins but you can also buy silver online or in store and other precious metals such as platinum bars .

Best place to buy gold

When looking for the best place to buy gold in the US we advise all of our clients to do their research when choosing their preferred gold bullion dealer. As with any investment, research and knowledge is key and no decision should be made lightly. Here at Alex Lexington, we are focused on conducting business in a transparent and trustworthy manner, priding ourselves on providing informative and professional customer service to every client. This is why Alex Lexington are regarded as one the best places to buy gold in the US via our online shop or over the counter in store at 3335 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd. Alex Lexington only offers preferred products that are investment grade gold or silver sourced from reliable sources.

Should I buy gold

We live in a time of heightened geopolitical risk, record global debt and increasing interest rates. In periods of economic and political turmoil, investors have been rewarded with a flight to safety to physical gold. Investment grade gold coins and bullion bars are the most secure method of gold investment with no counterparty risk. Historically physical gold has served as a repository of wealth maintaining its value in terms of real purchasing power. Gold serves as a portfolio diversifier because it tends to have low correlations to most other asset classes. It preserves wealth; Gold is typically considered a hedge against inflation, but it also acts as a currency hedge, in particular against the dollar with which gold correlates negatively. Gold is also highly liquid, sale proceeds will be returned the same day. Buying physical gold is the ultimate insurance against economic uncertainty and instability.

Best way to buy gold

Physical gold is the most secure form of gold investment with no counterparty risk. A safe haven asset is only as safe as where you keep it, so we would advise clients to store their precious metals securely. We never advise clients to allocate their entire portfolio to physical gold, but a 5 to 10% allocation to the physical asset balances your portfolio and hedges your other investments. You can buy physical Gold Bars and physical Gold Coins and here at Alex Lexington, we offer competitive prices to buy gold in the US. When it comes to selling your gold, here at Alex Lexington we will pay you a few percent less than the spot price even if you brought your gold from another broker (subject to testing and quality).

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