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Buy and Sell Gold Digitally Through Our Pool Account

Invest In Your Future

a DG Gold account combines the security of blockchain custody with the ease and efficiency of digital trading and settlement.

A next-generation solution for investing in physical gold vaulted with the Royal Canadian Mint.

DG Gold account combines the security of blockchain custody with the ease and efficiency of digital trading and settlement.


DG Gold is a product that provides direct ownership of physical gold vaulted with the Royal Canadian Mint in Canada

Direct and Immutable Ownership

Ownership is immutable through records that maintained on a cryptographically secure blockchain database which investors can access to independently verify account balances.

Very Low Cost

By eliminating production cost, management and administrative fees, investors can avoid the layers of expense associated with asset management products and physical coins and bullion.

Lets Talk About What DG Gold Is

What Is The Tradewind Platform?

The Tradewind Platform is an electronic market (ECN) and private blockchain technology solution that aims to connect market participants and enable them to trade, settle and manage ownership of precious metals, beginning with VaultChain™ Gold accounts.

What Are The Benefits Of Blockchain Technology?

The VaultChain™ blockchain creates an immutable record of transactions and account balances using cryptography, meaning the records are tamper-proof through time. Transactions must be cryptographically signed by platform participants to prove their authenticity, including registration of investment grade physical gold that underlies the platform, which must be cryptographically signed by the Royal Canadian Mint.

How Is A DG Gold Account Different From A Gold ETF?

Each unit of an ETF is a security that represents equity ownership in a fund or trust that in turn holds physical gold with a bank or other depository. The fund or trust charges owners an annual fee to cover management, storage, marketing and administrative costs. Final beneficial owners do not directly own the underlying physical assets held by the fund/trust and in most circumstances cannot take physical delivery of those assets. With a DG Gold account physical gold is owned directly by the final beneficiary, whose holdings are stored on a bailor-bailee basis with RCM and recorded in blockchain database; there is no trust or fund wrapper, which eliminates the associated management and administrative fees. The underlying assets are deliverable at the request of the final beneficiary(ies) through participating dealers.***

***According to available product lists that may include fabrication, shipping and handling fees.

Is DG Gold A Cryptocurrency?

No. DG Gold accounts are enabled by similar elements of cryptography and blockchain technology that underpins Bitcoin and other decentralized cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether are purely digital assets that exist solely in their respective blockchain protocols and may become worthless if their underpinning protocol loses favor or fails to live up to expectations, analogous to owning a collection of Betamax format videos when that standard lost to VHS. Gold in DG Gold accounts is backed by real-world hard assets that are stored in a world-class vault, and exists completely independent of the protocol. The ultimate recourse for holders of DG Gold accounts is metal in a vault that can be delivered, sold, or stored.

What it could be for Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency traders

If you are relying on tether or other stable coins DG Gold is a true 1:1 ownership of digital ownership of gold

What Is It?

This product is physical ownership of gold, stored in the Royal Canadian Mint, tracked and monitored by a cryptographically secure blockchain powered by Tradewind.

What It Isn't

This product is not a cryptocurrency , nor is it a medium of exchange for money transmission. It does not trade on a public blockchain.

Can physical gold be traded for DG Gold?

Yes,  Alex Lexington would be able to trade in your physical gold to DG Gold holdings after testing and verification of your physical gold.

You may also exchange your DG Gold ounces for precious metal bullion products that Alex Lexington has available in stock. Note that you will be charged fabrication, shipping, and insurance costs when you exchange DG Gold holdings for precious metal bullion products.

Redeeming For Physical Metal

Sales and redemption’s can be done through Alex Lexington.

How does physical delivery work?

Together with the Alex Lexington, the Royal Canadian Mint will recognize the Tradewind blockchain as the authoritative record of title for ownership.

When liquidating your digital gold holdings you can choose from a variety of physical products available. Which will be delivered to your door or pickuped  at our Chamblee, Ga location.

The Future of Assets is Now

The Future Of Assets Is Now

This is the future of owning precious metals gold and silver.  Alex Lexington is providing access to a cutting edge investment product that combines the honesty enabled through a blockchain ledger and the security of the Royal Canadian Mint.

Real gold can now be digitally traded with the transparency and efficiency of blockchain technology and the flexibility and fungibility of a digital asset.

When you purchase DG Gold, you are purchasing real 1:1 ratio of gold. Gold .999 pure can be purchased at increments down to .001 ozt, which is stored within the Royal Canadian Mint’s vault. All transactions are recorded on the purpose built blockchain, enabling the transformation of physical gold into a modern day digital asset. If you are a conventional investor, Bitcoin or cryptocurrency trader, or institution this is a great storage of wealth with long term benefits and multiple purposes.

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