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Digital Gold – The Future of Investing in Gold – Buy Now

Alex Lexington Precious Metal Brokers, Now provides customers with the direct gold ownership capabilities stored in the Royal Canadian Mint.


How does DG Gold work?

  • Through the Alex Lexington store, customers can setup an account to conveniently and safely buy, sell and store any quantity of investment-grade physical gold using blockchain technology – at amounts of their choosing including fractional increments.
  • One hundred percent of the gold is deposited in reserve as physical gold in the highly-secure vaults of the Royal Canadian Mint. Investors have complete ownership over their gold holdings and can request physical delivery in a variety of forms at any time through our store.
  • Gold ownership is verified using Tradewind’s blockchain distributed ledger to ensure data accuracy and tracking.

How does it benefit investors?

  • Unlike a gold ETF, there is no intermediate entity or fund, and low management fees.
  • Investors can purchase any quantity of physical gold, even fractional ounces.
  • Owners of DGGold can independently verify 100 percent ownership of the gold holdings and request physical delivery at any time.
  • Traded on a interdealer electronic market powered by world class exchange technology
  • Low Cost and maintenance

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What you need to know about Alex Lexington

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But there is more….

WE SELL COINS and BULLION on our website! Click on the shop button and order the coin you have been wanting with a variety of payment options including wire transfer, credit card and even BitCoin. Low fees and exactly the coins and bullion that you have been looking to buy. Now you have a source for buying as well as selling. Purchase online through our website store or just come on in and place your order.

Call us with any questions. . (404) 815-8893

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