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What form of payments does Alex Lexington accept ?

  • Bank Wire
  • Bitcoin (Bitpay)
  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card

Can I change my payment method ?

The only way payment can be changed is if the status is still “processing”. If payment is changing from bank wire or eCheck then you will no longer receive the 4% discount price

Options include:

  • Bank Wire to credit card (additional fees apply)
  • Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash no change available
  • Paypal to Credit Card no additional cost
  • Credit Card to Paypal no additional cost

What cryptocurrencies does Alex Lexington accept ?

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

How do I place an order with bank wire ?

Once you complete an order with bank wire selected you will receive a email with routing numbers and the information needed. The order minimum for bank wire is $2,500 and additional bank fees apply depending on your bank

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