Gold and Silver Assay Services

Not sure what your have ? An assay will digitally verify the authenticity of your precious metals.

Alex Lexington provides assay services to verify the integrity of items that are precious metals. We use the X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer which is a non-invasive analytical machine for giving a breakdown of element of solid items.

XRF Assay Machine
Fake Gold Bar Tested Copper

In short this machine uses a laser to scan the object being tested and give a percentage reading of its makeup. Even though the XRF Assay machine is digital, it can be susceptible to a margin of error listed on the read outs and it is not as accurate as a fire assay. We offer XRF analysis print outs for $20. If you need multiple read outs or regular testing services other pricing is available.

This service is great for:

  • Verifying coin and bullion purchases at online or other locations
  • Documentation for yourself or your retail customer sales
  • Need assay gold ore sample
  • Need a cost more effective assay than a fire assay
What we require:

  • Payment in cash
  • Sample Size : the size of a dime or so
  • Samples must be less than 10 lbs. or 150 ozt. and small enough to fit in the machine
  • We maintain the right to turn down away material or increase the fees if we feel the sample needs additional preparation and work.
  • Contact us for further information.
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