Alex Lexington provides a safe, secure, and reliable third party partnership for your cryptocurrency cold storage needs. International Depository Services (IDS) of Texas is now offering cold storage for cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ripple. Cold storage refers to a cryptocurrency storage device whose details are kept in a secure vault that is completely offline, independent and void of any internet connection, and thus safe from any remote hacking attempts. For information on cryptocurrency refer to our knowledge center.

For more information or to establish a storage account: by email or call 404.815.8893

IDS of Texas is certified for CryptoCurrency Security Standards (CCSS). These standards set forth 10 specific requirements that must be followed by those who store, transact, or accept cryptocurrencies. These stringent requirements are designed to help investors make informed decisions about where they can safely store their cryptocurrency. IDS of Texas strictly adheres to these requirements to deliver the optimum security and peace of mind to you, our client.

We apply the same high level of integrity and security to cryptocurrency that we use to support all our clients’ precious metals storage. That includes cryptocurrency for individuals and retirement accounts. All cryptocurrency accounts are segregated for additional security.

It’s no surprise that the rapid rise in the volume and value of cryptocurrencies has attracted the attention of hackers and criminals, that’s why cold storage is highly recommended for investors and crypto-traders. The specialized cryptocurrency service is used in much the same way precious metals investors use licensed and secured vaults. The risk of – and exposure to – attempted security breaches, hacking, or thefts are greatly mitigated with cold storage, because the account details are not accessible by any web server or other computer network.

IDS of Texas is currently able to store the following for personal accounts and for self-directed IRA accounts:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
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