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Meet Andre Osborne, a dynamic driving force behind Alex Lexington, the premier destination for indulging, selling, and investing gold. He pursued his Bachelor of Science in Management from the University of Phoenix, where he gained essential skills that would later serve him well in the business world.

For over a decade, Andre Osborne has dedicated himself to the gold industry. His wealth of experience has transformed him into a trusted and knowledgeable resource for all aspects related to gold, silver, platinum, palladium, coins, and bullion. This extensive background has been instrumental in his co-founding of Alex Lexington, where clients benefit from his expert insights.

Together with his wife Danielle, Andre’s commitment to Alex Lexington has garnered them national recognition. In 2011, their expertise and tenacity in the world of precious metals garnered the attention of major media outlets, with features on both “Good Morning America” and “World News Tonight.” These appearances not only showcased their proficiency but also solidified their position as industry leaders.

To encapsulate Andre in three powerful words: honest, diplomatic, and relatable. For him, success transcends financial achievements; it’s about living a meaningful and purpose-driven life. His faith, dedication to his family, and commitment to personal growth are all integral components of his approach to success.

Aside from being the businessman he is, Andre places his family at the center of his world. His actions and decisions are guided by his devotion to providing the best life possible for his loved ones. His dedication to his family values is not only a testament to his character but also a driving force that fuels his professional success.

Andre is not only a prominent co-founder in the gold industry; he is also a devoted family man whose values deeply influence his approach to both life and business. These aspects not only enrich his personal journey but also contribute significantly to the exceptional service and guidance he provides to clients at Alex Lexington.

Operation Manager, Alex Lexington,LLC

Bachelors of Science in Management, University of Phoenix

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