Golds not dead #askDre

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1. Golds not dead #askDre

Is now a good time buy ? When should I sell ? Which should I invest in the gold or the silver ? Is gold or silver a dead investment ?

First off not to preach to the choir but for those that don’t know, if your bank is using it to hedge for disaster why wouldn’t you. Who doesn’t need a rainy day fund that unlike cash doesn’t depreciate with inflation. So gold and silver aren’t bad investments they just are very unpopular when the stock market is doing well.

Precious metals are usually best sold at market all time highs. Currently Gold is holding at $1,400/ozt and Silver is about $15/ozt which are both 5 to 6 year highs. On the other hand the stock market is just cooling off, Fed interest rates ( the people who affect our loan rates) are increasing, tariffs are being applied to goods, and the United States is in a trade war. So now might be a good time to buy as well. Everyone’s situation is different make your decision based on your needs.

Deciding on gold or silver as an investment depends on your needs or perspective as well. Having both is always good and the more the merry, Just NEVER put all your money in just one thing. Silver can get bulky to store but historically has the most upside. Gold has a higher price point but you can store more wealth in a smaller space and is usually a direct market mover when disaster strikes. i.e. in the past war with Egypt.

So gold and silver are far from dead. Yearly sales nation wide are still in the billions. It’s just the biggest secret because who do you tell you’re storing 10% of wealth in a safety deposit box.

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