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Who is buying gold and silver ?

Investing in Gold and SIlver
1. Stocks vs Gold and Silver
2. Who is buying gold and silver ?
3. Glossary
4. How do you start saving to cover emergency expenses ?
5. Why isn’t my coin rare? According to Mr President
6. Why gold and silver is a great alternative investment?

What demographics are buying gold and silver?

The demographics on who is buying gold haven’t changed much since the 1980’s. The average age is 40 to 65 years old and male and female.

One day I asked a customer who had made a few large orders from AGS already why he was purchasing some many gold coins if he was retired already and didn’t seem to need the money. His answer was very simple and straight forward, “I’m hedging against inflation.” Silly me it was an obvious reason and he being a retired engineer I’m sure he had already done the math on a number he needed to hit to cover his portfolio already.

Here are a few outside sources to reference. Just don’t take our word for it, but do purchase you gold and silver bullion from us.


CNN Money – Americans are buying tons of gold

What the Demographic Cliff Means for Gold Investors

USA Today – Top 10 Nations Stockpiling Gold

The Telegraph – Gold resurgence: who’s buying gold and why

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